Our Democracy Is Not For Sale!

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The Supreme Court Citizens United vs. FEC ruling put our democracy up for sale but it’s time for our community to stand up and say, “Democracy for sale?! Not in this town!”

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 Please join our effort to get Philadelphia CIty Council to put a ballot question on the May 20, 2014 election ballot calling for a constitutional amendment that states that constitutional rights are only for people and elections are not for sale.

 So far, more than 1 million people have signed petitions in support of an amendment and more than 60 organizations – groups concerned about civil rights, the environment and climate change, open government and workers’ rights – have endorsed the United for the People coalition’s unified Call toAction for a constitutional amendment.


Philadelphia campaign endorsers (list in formation):

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776

Fight for Philly

Common Cause Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Democracy Is For People, a Public Citizen project

Philadelphia Jewish Labor Committee

Montgomery County Move to Amend

Philadelphia MoveOn Council

Philly Rootstrikers

Philadelphia Neighborhood Networks

Progressive Democrats of America